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Accounting System

Corporate accounting system services provided by licensed professionals. We provide all our accounting services through web based system, including even constructing custom-designed dedicated web sites for each client, for daily works and communications. Read more

Web Design

Web based system is the foundation of our accounting services, from day to day accounting workings to more sensitive advisories; therefor we believe user friendly web portal, dedicated for each client, including comfortable design, is important. This web site itself is one example of template tools used for the service. Read more


We strictly follow “only via web” policy for all the services, yet this has proven records of speedy and timely consultancies compared to traditional face to face only method. Read more


As it is important to provide stress free daily services for corporate accounting works to obtain clear and timely picture of the company, it is also crucial for managements to fully utilize the value to such accounting information for its own use.  Highly skilled financial professionals at frontierlink provides dedicated services for clients ranging from acheving optimal funding structure, risk management and strategic advisories from finance perspective. Read more