Our Services


back-office as a service, net-based outsourcing for end-user business clients

  • Business process outsourcing services for corporate and individual end-users, all the workflows conducted via web-based system and based on records provided by service users each month.
  • Consulting and business support services for corporations with more than USD 10 mil annual sales.

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Specialized Advisory

financial / information systems advisory, for businesses going into / out of Japan

  • Supporting business developments of non-Japanese firms interesting in entering Japanese market, including potential purchase of local business for jump-start.
  • Japanese corporations and individuals expanding into non-Japanese overseas market, especially in the areas such as wealth / asset management, new company setup and subsequent managemnet, and secured information system establishment over multi-national group entities.
    • Frontierlink currently does not provide M&A services involving direct investment in business in non-Japanese market.

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